Stake Delegators Wiki

What is the Stake Delegators program?

This is a program for distributing TADA tokens to TADA pools delegators.

How can I participate in the Stake Delegators program?

You must delegate ADA to the TADA pools. This can be done through various wallets such as Yoroi, Daedalus, or Adalite.

TADAWallet delegation process:

  • Visit
  • Create a wallet or unlock an existing one
  • Go to Stake -> Pools section and delegate to any Ray pool (select a pool with a saturation less than 100%)

Other wallets with delegation feature:

How many rewards will I receive?

You will receive your first rewards after two epochs after the delegation (an epoch in Cardano is a period of five days):

  • ~0.07% in ADA per epoch (~5% ROI)
  • 1 TADA per 0.000000 ADA staked per epoch (rate may vary, see distribution rules)
Where can I withdraw my rewards? Or check my balance?

After two epochs after the delegation you will start to receive your rewards. Rewards can be withdrawn at any time. You can accumulate them, or withdraw them each epoch.

Go to the TADAStake → Track & Withdraw section and enter your address or stake key. To withdraw your TADA rewards follow instructions under the QR section.

Why should I send 2 ADA's to a special address?

Native tokens cannot be sent separately from ADA, this is a limitation of Cardano. Minimum amount of ADA sent together with token is ~1.5 (it will be returned to you with TADA rewards) and ~0.5 as transaction fee.

Therefore, we require 2 ADA to be sent to a special address to cover these costs.

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