Welcome to TADATek

TADATek is a decentralized infrastructure for Cardano Ecosystem. Our mission is to transit people into a real decentralized blockchain on Cardano.

Stake ADA in TADA pools and get ~5% ROI with extra rewards each epoch 1 TADA per NaN ADA staked.

Own a part of our network and share the rewards.

Join TADA 0% FEE ISPO, 145,637,563 TADA.

TADA tokens are distributed through a fair launch. Delegate your ADA to TADA pools and receive 1 TADA each epoch for every NaN ADA you staked.

TADA pools have 0% fee comission, so ADA rewards stay with you.

ISPO is up and running, delegate now!

About TADATek

TADATek is an advanced open source ecosystem for the Cardano blockchain platform. It includes a light wallet with many features such as: sending and receiving funds, defi swap, NFT marketplace, staking center and others.

Our services increase blockchain use adoption; they empowers regular users, developers, creators, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

Future-Proof Blockchain Solutions
Secure and Sustainable DApps
Audited Smart Contracts
Multi-Featured Light Wallet
Community Loyalty Programs
Low Latency Infrastructure

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Advanced Ecosystem for Cardano Blockchain Platform. Powered with Cardano

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